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09 Feb, 2019

Why you should remain in Dayspring and what awaits you in other schools.

Students in other schools engage in social vices such as prostitution, indecent dressing, stealing, cultism, drug addiction, examination malpractice, hooliganism, thuggery, gambling, smoking, pre-marital sexual activities, rape, cybercrime (yahoo yahoo) etc. 

Leaving Dayspring, you will get to meet with all manner of people who have a different mentality from the one we have built in you. They will want to influence you negatively and engage you in all sorts of social vices and illegal acts. Truth is many may fall because of your level curiosity and hunger for knowledge, but here at Dayspring, you are protected from such. Some may want to engage in this social vices so as not to be labelled as cowards or JJC (Johnny Just Come) in your new schools. Out there are students not serious with their studies and with poor academic performance to show for it, if you move with such friend, for example, you will be like him in no time and be tempted to go through the shortcuts to success such as examination malpractice.

Being a virgin, which is meant to be a thing of pride has now turned into an object of ridicule among students now. Many may want to experiment and in that way be pushed into sexual activities at your tender age. At times lack of supervision and attention can make a student engage in these social vices, which is why in Dayspring we supervise everything you do, we give you the required attention you need. Freedom to do anything without being probed will affect you negatively. That is why in Dayspring, we just don’t allow you to do what we want. Some of you may not like it but it is your good that we are after here. 


 A pregnant girl, for example, will face emotional and psychological trauma which will make her lose focus and attention on her studies. She might even eventually stop schooling (cite examples). 

Dangerous acts like cultism are also rampant in schools out there. Students may either be lured or coerced to join. Greater attention is then given to the cult while their academics suffer, they make their activities primary while every other thing is secondary. Being in a secret cult expose a child to other forms of illegal acts as smoking, alcoholism, rape, taking of illegal substances, hooliganism, thuggery and many others. They lose their lives in fights with opposing cults. Many even progress to higher crimes such as armed robbery, assassination, burglary etc. 

At Dayspring, we need to know your friends, their status and their academic performance. This is majorly the role of the class teacher and pastoral caregivers. Here, we check your academic performances periodically and advise you regularly on how to be the best.  We come to your aid when you have a difficulty. We come down to your level to understand you. Here we teach you moral values and the Word of God.


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