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'Dayspring' is taken from the Holy Bible: Luke 1:78, it means the springing of light by the coming of Jesus Christ, the light of the World. We are set to bring as many children who pass through the school to this light as He (Jesus Christ) says “that if we have the light we will not stumble". We strongly believe that Christian education, which is given at Dayspring Christian Schools International is light and if a child goes through it, he will never stumble in life, he will also stand out among his peers and in his generation. All the children that will pass through the school and their generations will serve the Lord.


Academic excellence in godliness 


Dayspring Christian Schools International, a private school, operates as an arm of the church, to excellently educate children Socially, Physically, Academically and Spiritually according to the philosophy of Christian Education.


Spirituality, Academic Excellence, Diligence, Possibility Thinking, Harmonious Living, Honesty, Leadership Capacity Building.


Dayspring Christian College is a member of a National Christian Schools Association, National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS), Society of Female School Owners of Nigeria (SOFSON) and Association for Childhood Education International, (ACEI) U.S.A. She is an affiliate of Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship (ORUEF) Tulsa Oklahoma, USA, and a candidate for Accreditation by the International Christian Accreditation Association (ICAA), USA. 


Our Aims and objectives are entrenched in the statement of purpose. Hence, the statement of purpose has been simplified into aims and objectives as follow:

  • Dayspring Christian College is established to produce agreeable children who can fit into the larger society without inhibition through our activities, we are to ensure that students are physically fit so that they can enjoy mental alertness.
  • Every child who passes through Dayspring Christian College should be able to measure up to any educational standard anywhere, they should be able to sit for any external examination, pass once and be able to defend their certificate.
  • Dayspring Christian College is established to inculcate the culture of discipline and hard work into her students.
  • Dayspring Christian College has her aim to ensure that academically challenged children are catered for: NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND. We believe teaching has not taken place until the “slowest learner” meets up with the “fast learner”.
  • Dayspring Christian College also ensures a conducive learning environment and qualitative education for her students.
  • Dayspring Christian College is also established to cater for all areas of a child’s life, hence education received here is not bookish it involves the use of the hand as children are exposed to practical and saleable skills.




Why Choose Us

At Dayspring, we need to know your friends, their status and their academic performance. This is majorly the role of the class teacher and pastoral caregivers. Here, we check your academic performances periodically and advise you regularly on how to be the best. We come to your aid when you have a difficulty. We come down to your level to understand you. Here we teach you moral values and the Word of God.

Quality Education

At the Dayspring Christian School International, we provide a high quality education for your child in the most conducive environment to learn and grow. We have over 12 years of academic excellence behind us, and a bright future ahead, to God alone be all the glory!

Conducive environment

Dayspring Christian College also ensures a conducive learning environment and qualitative education for her students.

Certified Teachers

we recruit teachers who have a passion for helping students learn and for improving the lives of those around them.

Top Subjects

We operate a fully effective integrated curriculum and we are fully approved by the Delta State Ministry of Education.


We are associated with several organizations and not limited to...